About Us

We are a group of Canadian citizens...  united in one cause...  To Get former Prime Minister of Canada R. B. Bennett a statue on Parliament Hill!!!!

If you have any ideas, thoughts, or anything you would like to help with please email Jordan at jordangrondin95@gmail.com


How and why did this project start?

We believe that we as Canadians need to stand up for the rights of one of our former Prime Minister of Canada Richard Bedford Bennett. Prime Minister Bennett is one of the few former Prime Ministers who do not have a statue on Parliament Hill. So in order for this project to be brought before the House of Commons, We need your help. In order for me to be able to bring this to an Member of Parliament I believe we’ll need around 1000 signatures. By you helping to sign this petition it will give allow us to bring this to a Member of Parliament and be able to say “We as Canadians believe that there needs to be Statue for former Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett erected within the next year!.” Believe me… if the government has money to put into statues for the Queen of England, they should definitely sufficient funds to erect a statue… Remember… it starts with us!