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"Original R. B. Bennett statue picture and information!!!!

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Sometime during the 1970’s former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau announced that he was commissioning statues of two former Prime Minister’s. One of Louis St. Laurent, and one of William Lyon Mackenzie King. When it was announced, another former Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker demanded that two other statues be commissioned, one of Arthur Meighen, and one of R. B. Bennett. When Trudeau and Diefenbaker went to view the statues the one of Meighen was completed, but the one of Bennett was just a sketch. Diefenbaker commented on the statues (which I believe his comment stopped the making of the Bennett statue). Diefenbaker said that Bennett’s “resembled a mummy." The one of Arthur Meighen made him look like "a mix between Ichabod Crane and Daddy Longlegs.” 


In fact.. in 2005 Conservative Member of Parliament Nina Grewal (MP for Fleetwood Port-Keels) put forth a bill in the house of commons..… The bill was squashed by the Bloc Quebecois, Liberals, and NDP… these are the words Nina Grewal used in the context of the bill: “That, in the opinion of the House, the government should forthwith honour the memory of the Right Honourable Richard B. Bennett by erecting a statue in his likeness on Parliament Hill.” Senator Hugh Segal was another Conservative to see the bill squashed. Senator Segal told the senate that “As a former prime minister who served with determination and intense loyalty to the public interest, he deserves a statue on Parliament Hill, to stand beside others so memorialized. I know I can count on the goodwill and sound judgment of honourable senators on both sides of the aisle for this important curatorial initiative.”   It was something that wasn’t mentioned until 2010 when John Boyko released his book titled “Bennett: The Rebel who Challenged and Changed a Nation” was published.

Signatures are coming in :D Woohoo!!!!!!

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Well...  I officially have 12/1000 signatures!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!!  Talk about favour..  I'll be at the R. B. Bennett day at the Albert County Museum on July 2nd, 2011 to celebrate Bennett's "Birthday (if he was still alive he'd be 140?)......  and I'll get waaayyy more out and about...  Another positive thing...  I am now working with the Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament for Fleetwood Port-Kells to get a statue :)  Yeeeaaahhhh!!!!  Will be giving more info as it comes in...  until tommorow night.



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    When I do my Town Hall for Bennett event you will want to be there.  I am giving away TWO free autographed books by a friend of mine Roderick Benns (he writes books on former Prime Ministers of Canada).  Anyways...  still waiting to hear from the facility on whether or not July 2nd is going to be the day...  but when I do find out you will all be the first group of people to hear :)



Signatures are coming in!

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